Monday, January 25, 2010

Mamavation Monday - New Clothes!

Hello all! As promised, I weighed myself today and measured myself. Tho I didn't make it to 325lbs yet (still have another week..*smiles*), I did however gain .4 lbs. Bummer. That's ok cuz guess what?? I got new clothes last week and actually bought them in the store!! Haven't bought clothes in a store for bout 2-3 years now. Am so excited. Mom and I went to Avenue to see if there was any bathing suits out cuz I promised my son I would go swimming with him this week for our weekend getaway. We're going to the Amish Country in Ohio. Unfortunately, they didn't have any bathing suit but they had a lot of tops on sale. To be honest, I was like ahh it would be nice if these clothes would fit. Mom held a shirt up and said to try it on. We ended up getting bout 15 tops for me to try on. All fit but 2! We got bout 10 tops as couple of them weren't on sale. Decided to wait til March to get them. We spent $75 for them. We've always had to pay almost $300 so not bad at all. I was so excited! Heck, I'm still excited. Cuz another thing, I haven't been buying clothes in so long. I would say it's been almost a year. Only thing I usually buy online or through a catalog are bras. Since nobody sells my bras round here anymore, I have to order them online which is what I did last week along with my new bathing suit. Bras won't get here til March but bathing suit will be here Wednesday, in time for my trip with my son and my mom. We're leaving Thursday after my son gets out of school. With what's been going on for the last couple of weeks, I deserve a break. I'm thinking cuz of the stress, I haven't exactly lost any weight this week. I'm gonna make it this week. Just watch me! :)

Here's a pic of my weight for today (327.2lbs):
Here's my measurements:
Bust - 62 inches
Waist - 54 inches
Abdomen - 61 inches
Hips - 60 inches
Thigh - 28 inches
Arm - 15 inches

Lost 4 inches in one month! :) I know I didn't sound too happy bout the gain on twitter this morning. I was hoping it would stay at 326.8 or be less. It just means I gotta work harder at it this week especially since I'll be out of town for a couple of days. I'm really gonna have to figure out bout the food while there cuz my food choices are never good. Just gonna have to look at menu and figure it out and eat only half the food cuz they do give out lot of food. lol. Just have to wait and see. But with me playing in the pool with my son, I'm sure I'll have no problem and us walking around. I should be a-ok.

Maybe if I look alright in my bathing suit, I'll take a pic of me in it and show off? Ahh, maybe not, I might scare everyone away or worse yet, break the camera. hehe. We'll see. *winks*

Have a great and wonderful week to you all! Big hugz

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mamavation Monday - Still Working On It

As y'all know, I joined Weight Watchers Online recently. It's been a bit hard for me trying to eat all my points. In fact, last week, I actually starting to gain weight slowly. By Friday, I somehow had gained 5 lbs which kinda had me freaked out but once I started working on drinking bout 21 cups of water a day, I ended up losing my 5 lbs in a couple days. Whew! So this week, I might finally make it to 325lbs which is my mini-goal. If not this week, it'll definitely be next week cuz I'm busting my butt to get there.

By the way, man oh man, all these food I've been making while on Weight Watchers has been so yummy and so far has been a hit with my family. Even my son's eating the food! I need to start taking pics of these gorgeous and tasty food so I can start posting them onto my journal and use some of these recipes on another blog in case anybody wanted to try them. *smiles*

I'm starting to get close to 5000 steps in my walking as my average. At moment, it's close to 4850. So excited bout that. *smiles* I'm actually taking smaller steps and that helps a lot! Plus with me walking smaller steps, I don't seem to go out of breath much after walking a long distance.

Next week, I plan to measure myself and weigh myself as it will be one month since my first mamavation post. I will also post the measurements and a pic of my weight on the scale. *smiles* I'm hoping as stated earlier that it will show I'm finally 325lbs. Oh, just in case you're wondering what I weigh now. It's 326.8lbs.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

H2O Again

Wow! I recently found an app for my ipod touch called Water Your Body. Got it for 99 cents. It was on sale. Not sure if regular price. Anyways, I'm soo glad I found it and found out that I'm not drinking enough water according to my weight. With the weight that I had slowly gained from Weight Watchers, I've already lost that weight gain and back to where I was before I started it. I have lost 5 lbs in 2 days and finally I'm going to the bathroom so much! According to my weight, I have to drink almost 21 cups of water! Before I was working on getting 8 to 10 cups of water. Now I've been drinking 22 cups of water. Using my 16.9 water bottle, I've been refilling it over and over. We went out to eat today. I just had to go cuz I wanted to spend time with friends of mine for a Sunday brunch. I had an omelette with toast. It also came with potato pancake but I didn't eat that. Luckily, there was hardly any bacon or cheese in the omelette. I can prolly figure out my points. It was so yummy but anyways, I normally order a diet to drink but for the first time, I've ordered water. Everybody was just shocked. Heck, I was too, lol, but so proud of myself. Not gonna give up. :) I might finally get to my goal weight of weighing 325lbs by the end of week. :) Can't wait!
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mamavation Monday - Walking & More

So I've been walking for awhile now and for some reason, I'm having a hard time reaching 5000 steps, let alone 10,000 steps to lose weight. I average bout 2700 steps. That even includes me doing exercises whether it's the 30 Day Shred, EAsports Active, etc. I've tried to include a couple of extra 15 mins walk to help bring the numbers up. I'm assuming I'm not moving as fast as I thought I was. I can't wait for warmer weather to get back to walking on the track and maybe finding out exactly how long it takes me to walk around the track 4 times which I believe equals. 1 mile. But what can I do in the meantime? I could try the treadmill but at my parents' house, the basement is filled with so many boxes since they moved in here bout 10 yrs ago! I couldn't fit through to get to the treadmill. :( I can't afford to go to a gym and I don't know what to do! I'm still gonna keep on a moving on and just do as much as I can do. As long as I keep moving, that's a good thing, right?

I've started Weight Watchers Online officially on Saturday and so far, it's been hard trying to eat 39 points but I'm working on it. I knew I needed to eat more calories in order to lose weight along with the exercising. I was curious bout what my weight was today since I started on Saturday. I was 326.8 on Saturday and today I ended up weighing 327.2! Sighs. I know it's too soon to tell. I do have 5 more days to actually know what happens since starting Weight Watchers. I will be sure to let y'all know what's happening with that. :)

I've been drinking so much water! I can't even believe how much water I've been drinking since I got the water pitcher. lol. My problem is I don't seem to be going to the bathroom like I hear all these people go. Is there something wrong with me? Could it be why I ended up with the weight gain? Cuz I'm not going to the bathroom enough? I don't know what to do and yes, I am taking diuretic (sp?) in one of my blood pressure meds. The only time I ever go to the bathroom is if I drink a lot of diet mountain dew. What's up with that? Is there something I can do bout that??
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mamavation Monday - Water

Hi all! I know I'm late at posting this. I hadn't been feeling too good for past few days. I'm not 100% better but I'm slowly starting to get my appetite back. Finally! Cuz when I don't eat much, I tend to either gain weight or stay the same. That's frustrating as heck! *smiles* The other day I was reading bout soda especially diet sodas on twitter among the mamavation gals. That's when I somehow had a wake-up call. That's how I lost my weight! I had cut out the diet soda but not completely. Back in April of last year, I had found this water called Fruit2O and really liked it and decided to start drinking it cuz I didn't want my son drinking the diet soda. He was always drinking my soda and I didn't like that. So I believe cuz of me eliminating my diet soda, it's how I lost the weight. So since Monday, I have cut out the diet soda completely. Been drinking the Fruit2O. Today I went into Walmart looking for a wii balance. They didn't have it but I started thinking bout the Biggest Loser show I saw last night and how they were all drinking water using Brita. So I was looking into that and saw the Flavor Option Water Pitcher from PUR and was like ooh. I just had to get it and that's exactly what I got. Since I got it, I've been putting the water in my 16.9 bottle and been drinking it all day. Drank 6 of these bottles already and have the 7th right beside me. I don't think I've ever drank that much water in one day! Wow! If I finish the 7th bottle, that's 14 glasses of water! Dang! Now let's see what happens with no more diet soda in me. *smiles* Whoo!!

The Biggest Loser

Wow, after watching the Biggest Loser tonight, I am more than ever so motivated to lose weight. Now I wouldn't mind just melting the pounds off of me like that. I got lots of work to do. I had been so inspired ever since the show came on but never did anything. All I thought was I want to be just like them. Lose all that weight. Even tho I've lost 50lbs, I really want to lose all my weight more than ever and actually get there this time. Tho I hadn't been feeling too good for past couple days, I finally worked out today. Did the Biggest Loser on the wii. Starting tomorrow, I'm getting on that treadmill and walk! I'm also gonna get on that exercise bike and go! I wouldn't mind getting a new spinner bike but this bike will have to do for now. It's my parents' bike. Might as well get some used out of it as nobody's using it. Same goes for the treadmill. I wanna try and aim for 50 miles a week on the bike and 20 miles on the treadmill a week. If I don't get it this week, I'm gonna work for it and when I get there, I will add on. :) Gonna start using some of my apps on my ipod such as 200 squats, hundred push-ups and 200 situps. I wanna aim for those numbers! I'm gonna make it! Whoo! So excited bout it all!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So this is the first day of 2010! I'm already starting off good. *smiles* I weighed myself this morning and tho I didn't make it to my goal, I did, however, lose a couple lbs. I'm now at 328lbs! Only 3 more to go to my mini-goal.I didn't measure myself. I figured I'd wait on that. I'll do that after the 30 Day Slimdown. Only did 5 days so far. So definitely gonna wait on that unless some forum needs it, then I'll do it.

I started on my 10,000 steps a day today. I didn't quite make it to 10,000 yet as I ended up driving home from my uncle's house. My son decided today that he wanted to go home so we came home. *smiles* So tomorrow, I will attempt to do 10,000 steps. I made it to almost 6000 steps (5894). By the time, I get to bed, I probably will get to 6000.

I've decided to start my food journal. You can check it out at: and yes, I do welcome comments. Good or bad but please be gentle. *smiles*

I also decided to make a blog of new recipes I've tried or created during my journey. You're welcome to send me some! *smiles* I haven't posted any recipes yet but it's at: I will be sure to put up servings and calories so you have an idea of how many calories are in these food. These recipes will be food I've tried and liked. It's mainly gonna be a place where I keep my fave recipes together. I don't like to write it down on paper cuz I'm sure I would end up losing them.

Have a great new year! Thanks for all the supports I've gotten so far on here and on twitter. I really appreciate it! Big hugz.