Sunday, January 17, 2010

H2O Again

Wow! I recently found an app for my ipod touch called Water Your Body. Got it for 99 cents. It was on sale. Not sure if regular price. Anyways, I'm soo glad I found it and found out that I'm not drinking enough water according to my weight. With the weight that I had slowly gained from Weight Watchers, I've already lost that weight gain and back to where I was before I started it. I have lost 5 lbs in 2 days and finally I'm going to the bathroom so much! According to my weight, I have to drink almost 21 cups of water! Before I was working on getting 8 to 10 cups of water. Now I've been drinking 22 cups of water. Using my 16.9 water bottle, I've been refilling it over and over. We went out to eat today. I just had to go cuz I wanted to spend time with friends of mine for a Sunday brunch. I had an omelette with toast. It also came with potato pancake but I didn't eat that. Luckily, there was hardly any bacon or cheese in the omelette. I can prolly figure out my points. It was so yummy but anyways, I normally order a diet to drink but for the first time, I've ordered water. Everybody was just shocked. Heck, I was too, lol, but so proud of myself. Not gonna give up. :) I might finally get to my goal weight of weighing 325lbs by the end of week. :) Can't wait!
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