Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Biggest Loser

Wow, after watching the Biggest Loser tonight, I am more than ever so motivated to lose weight. Now I wouldn't mind just melting the pounds off of me like that. I got lots of work to do. I had been so inspired ever since the show came on but never did anything. All I thought was I want to be just like them. Lose all that weight. Even tho I've lost 50lbs, I really want to lose all my weight more than ever and actually get there this time. Tho I hadn't been feeling too good for past couple days, I finally worked out today. Did the Biggest Loser on the wii. Starting tomorrow, I'm getting on that treadmill and walk! I'm also gonna get on that exercise bike and go! I wouldn't mind getting a new spinner bike but this bike will have to do for now. It's my parents' bike. Might as well get some used out of it as nobody's using it. Same goes for the treadmill. I wanna try and aim for 50 miles a week on the bike and 20 miles on the treadmill a week. If I don't get it this week, I'm gonna work for it and when I get there, I will add on. :) Gonna start using some of my apps on my ipod such as 200 squats, hundred push-ups and 200 situps. I wanna aim for those numbers! I'm gonna make it! Whoo! So excited bout it all!
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  1. You have the right idea, aerobic exercise, no matter what the weather, along with sensible eating. That will definitely get you where you want!