Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mamavation Monday - Water

Hi all! I know I'm late at posting this. I hadn't been feeling too good for past few days. I'm not 100% better but I'm slowly starting to get my appetite back. Finally! Cuz when I don't eat much, I tend to either gain weight or stay the same. That's frustrating as heck! *smiles* The other day I was reading bout soda especially diet sodas on twitter among the mamavation gals. That's when I somehow had a wake-up call. That's how I lost my weight! I had cut out the diet soda but not completely. Back in April of last year, I had found this water called Fruit2O and really liked it and decided to start drinking it cuz I didn't want my son drinking the diet soda. He was always drinking my soda and I didn't like that. So I believe cuz of me eliminating my diet soda, it's how I lost the weight. So since Monday, I have cut out the diet soda completely. Been drinking the Fruit2O. Today I went into Walmart looking for a wii balance. They didn't have it but I started thinking bout the Biggest Loser show I saw last night and how they were all drinking water using Brita. So I was looking into that and saw the Flavor Option Water Pitcher from PUR and was like ooh. I just had to get it and that's exactly what I got. Since I got it, I've been putting the water in my 16.9 bottle and been drinking it all day. Drank 6 of these bottles already and have the 7th right beside me. I don't think I've ever drank that much water in one day! Wow! If I finish the 7th bottle, that's 14 glasses of water! Dang! Now let's see what happens with no more diet soda in me. *smiles* Whoo!!


  1. Way to Go! Can never go wrong with water. The Fruit20 does that have lotz of sugar? Just asking, never had any. Yes, as much as I love drinking reg. soda, cherry coke being my favorite. I had to give it up. I too saw the tweets on mamavation and I worked on stopping the soda habit. I think you're doing great!

  2. I heard that diet soda isn't good for diets, but I can't inderstand why! I know water is the best thing.


  3. I honestly don't know how much sugar is in the fruit2O. There's no calories in there. It's prolly similar to the diet soda. If anybody knows bout the fruit2o, please let me know! :) I've even stopped drinking it since I got the pur water pitcher with flavoring. But it would be nice to know bout the fruit2o tho especially for vacation.