Monday, December 28, 2009

Been A Crazy Few Days

Hey everybody! Look who's back! *smiles* I'm still up at my uncle's and I believe we will be staying til after New Year's. Tho I haven't exactly been exercising for a few days (just been walking and not doing videos), today I'm planning to start my 30 Day Slimdown with Jillian Michaels using 3 different DVD's. 30 Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. Found the plan over at Also will be starting on my C25K apps on my ipod. Will take measurements and weigh myself today and take a pic of myself. All those info will be in the next post within a couple of hours.

So how was everybody's holidays? Mine was a busy one. It finally ended yesterday. So glad. I don't have to worry bout all those temptations for awhile. Did I sample them? I will admit that I'd like to say no but I didn't. Those little ladyfingers made by my great aunt are the best! I had 2 of them yesterday! Had an apple pie Christmas day and the day after. Starting today, no more of that stuff. *smiles* Christmas is done. I don't have to think bout them anymore. I can get back to my Special K Challenge for now (just mainly making sure I eat 5 to 6 small meals a day rather than 2 to 3 big meals). I've been thinking bout joining Weight Watchers but can't decide if I want to do the meetings (it's hard for me to sit through meetings cuz of me being deaf) or just do the online thing. The only problem bout doing the online thing in my head, there isn't someone who can cheer me on and congratulate me for losing some weight like they do at those meetings. I used to go. I guess I wasn't ready at that time. Mainly was having a hard time eating all the time but now I'm able to so I'm definitely ready to do Weight Watchers. Any thoughts bout it?

Am I gonna be overdoing myself? Prolly but it's time I take back my life. As I said earlier, I need to do this not just for me but for my son. He's my motivation. Plus I don't want him to end up like me. That's why it's best to start now and teach him how to eat and take care of himself. The only way to do that is if I'm doing it. Can't preach it if I'm not doing it. Right? Must do it too.

I would love to try Spinning but at moment, I can't afford it. So I'm gonna save some money to get myself a Spinner bike. That's what I'm gonna get myself as a treat when I get down to 250lbs. By then, I just might be able to afford it. I'm aiming to weigh 250lbs by summer. Think I can do it? It would be awesome! If I don't, I'll definitely be closer to 250. Prolly more like 275lbs. I'm sure whatever the weight I end up by summer, it'll be great! Let's just DO it! GO FOR IT!

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