Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going Up My Uncle's

Well, my son wants to go up my uncle's today. We normally spend Christmas with my family. Christmas Eve was always spent at my parents house and my uncle and grandparents would come over for dinner and we would open presents. But this year is gonna be different. My uncle's playing music at Hofbrau Haus in the afternoon. My dad and brother will be playing music there also in the evening. So Christmas this year is gonna be different. My grandparents didn't seem too happy bout it so my son thought why don't we go up for Christmas Eve and spend Christmas with them. So that's exactly what we're gonna do. We're spending today with my parents and open presents. Then off we go up to my uncle's to spend who knows how long we'll be staying up there for. I wish I could take my wii with me as I've been working out with it using the EA Sports Active and Jillian Michaels Ultimatum Fitness 2010. Since I will not be taking my wii, I might as well as work out on my DSi as I WON it! Also won Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD and even Jillian Michaels Ultimatum Fitness 2010 for the DS! Will definitely be using them plus the Biggest Loser for the DS. I plan to keep going with the Special K Challenge while I'm there. I just have to avoid my gram wanting to feed me every hour (seems like it's every 5 minutes..hehe). For Christmas from a twitter mom, I got the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook so I thought I could go to the grocery store and get some food that I could make while I'm there and instead of having gram trying to feed me, I could feed her as she needs to gain weight. Her doctor says she lost too much weight. That's from being sick plus she had 2 hip replacements (3 months apart) 2 years ago and she ended up losing all the weight. She wasn't very big to begin with. So maybe I can fatten her up a bit while I lose the weight. Hmmmm? Will it work? Have to wait and see. *smiles* I'm also planning to take my scale with me cuz I need to weigh in on Friday so I know how much weight I've lost during the Special K Challenge. Today was my weigh in for the 30 day challenge with Celebrate Life with Weight Loss and while on this challenge, I had somehow gained 5 lbs but lost that 5 lbs plus lost another 5lbs. So all in all, I lost 5lbs on this challenge. So not bad at all. *smiles* We'll see what happens on Friday being that it's gonna be Christmas Day. I'm so excited for the New Year to start. I've already gotten the next mini goal in mind and that is to weight 300lbs or less by my next birthday which is March 12th. That's why it will be so awesome following along with Mamavation whether I make it to the finals or not. I can still follow along with them! I KNOW I can do this and can make it. I was thinking bout weighing 250lbs by summer but that might be a bit too much but I still think that's gonna be my goal cuz even if I don't make it to 250lbs, I'll be closer to it, right? *smiles* Well, I better get going and get started with my stuff I need to pack. Have a great day! Hugz

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  1. You have some great exercises to keep you going! 30 Day Shred is one of my faves!

    Great job on your loss! Have a fun time at your Uncle's!