Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's The Day!

So yesterday I got my GoWear Fit and my fitbook. I also got a new pair of shoes. I wasn't able to get the Earth shoes like I wanted but I did, however, get myself Skechers’ Shape-Ups. I'm really looking forward to using everything I got in my journey.

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be following the Special K Challenge. This is where I eat 2 Special K meals and 2 Special K snacks. There are so many choices in these food. I don't really eat cereal but love cereal bars. Although for the next 2 weeks, I will eat cereal. *smiles* I have my 2 weeks planned out already with the food. Everyday will be different. I bought 3 different kinds of cereal, 3 kinds of protein shakes, 2 kinds of protein bars and 6 kinds of snack bars along with a protein water mix. So it'll give me a variety of choices and dinner every day will be different. So I'm looking forward to it. *smiles*

Today I weighed myself cuz I figured today is my starting day and saw that I lost 3 lbs! Yaay! Now I weigh 337.4lbs. I'm still gonna use 340lbs for my starting weight as it was the day I decided to start a whole new journey. One where I'm gonna get healthy and lose weight in the process.

Here are my measurements as of yesterday:
Weight - 340lbs
Bust - 62 inches
Waist - 57 inches
Abdomen - 64 inches
Hips - 63 inches
Thigh - 28 inches
Arm - 15 inches

As for pictures, I still need to get them done. Will have mom take them today. I would've asked yesterday but she, dad and my son went out to Oglebay Park to see the Christmas lights. I didn't go cuz I was busy getting ready for this journey. As soon as the pics are taken, I will put them up. I will do a front view and side view. Then the next time I take a pic will be when I've reached my mini-goal of 325lbs.

Wish me luck! *smiles* And oh, by the way, I will do 2 weigh ins (one on Wednesday for the 30 day challenge til it's done and one on Friday for the Special K Challenge). After the 30 day challenge, I will just do the weigh ins on Fridays.

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