Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Still Around

Hey there! I know I haven't been around. I'm still doing the Special K Challenge. Week one is done and have lost 4lbs! Whoo hoo! I will continue the challenge for another week. Just in case you're wondering if I'm still keeping track of my food. Yes, I am. I'm putting everything down in my fitbook and also on my gowear fit site. I'm excited. *smiles* All I gots to do is keep on going. I'm so motivated. With the Skechers' Shape Up shoes I just got last week, they really are helping with my knee pains when I wear them. Unfortunately, my knees do still hurt after I wake up from bed. Hmm, but at least I saw the doctor finally bout it and she ordered x-rays. Will have to wait til Monday to get them done. She says it's arthritis. I figured that but didn't think it would hurt everyday like this since April! *sighs* But at least, I'm still losing weight and gonna keep going. I've already lost 47lbs and need to lose more than 100 pounds. As y'all know that my mini goal is to be down to 325lbs hopefully by the end of the year. Once I get down to there, the next goal will be to lose another 25 lbs to make it 300 lbs. *smiles* I would love to be down to 250 lbs by summer so I can ride on the rides with my son. I've never gotten to do that. *pouts* He's 5 yrs old now and has always ridden with his paps (my dad). I want to take my dad's place and ride with my son. I wanna have some fun! I wanna get more active with him too. Am thinking for his 6th birthday in May, I wanna get a basketball hoop. It would be so much fun playing basketball with him. Today we went to the community center for him to play with his friends from his class. The boys were playing basketball, ping pong, table hockey and more. He looked like he was having fun. I gotta do all that stuff with him. Even tho I'm moving good now, I'm not quite there just yet. I'm working on it tho. *smiles* I will get there! Whooooooo hooooooo!

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